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Q: I want to make sure I'm covered under my car warranty, do I have to go to the dealer to be covered for maintenance?

The short answer is no. You don’t have to go to the dealer to keep your warranty valid, as long as you keep your maintenance up, use quality parts, and keep your records. By law, automakers and dealerships are not allowed to make you perform any maintenance at a dealership for a new-car warranty to remain valid. In other words, you’re free by law to get oil changes, tire rotations and other regular maintenance performed by just about any mechanic, and the automaker and dealership will still have to honor the new car warranty.

Q: How often do I really need to have my oil changed?

Most of my customers drive less than 10,000 miles a year. So there are two answers to this question because time is just as much of a factor as mileage. If you don’t drive 3500 miles in six months, we should see you anyways. You generally want your mechanic to see your car twice a year, in order to make sure it’s prepared for the season change. An oil change is a spot-check of your car’s health.

Q: How much should I be paying for oil changes?

It depends on a few factors: conventional or synthetic oil, how much oil your car holds, and a few other factors depending on your type of vehicle. Once you bring your car in, we can give you a reasonable estimate or your welcome to give us a call and we will help you as best we can over the phone.

Q: How do I know if my vehicle needs to be maintained with synthetic oil changes?

Your vehicle only needs to be maintained with synthetic if the manufacturer requires it or if you drive a significant amount of miles in a year.

Q: Should I keep maintaining my car or buy a new one?

Maintaining your current car is cheaper than buying a new one, however, you can bring it in for a comprehensive point check and we can gauge whether it is more economical to keep your car or purchase a new vehicle. We personally believe in maintaining your vehicle, as a new car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, but we will help you make the most affordable decision that is best for you.

Q: How often should windshield wiper blades be replaced?

Windshield wiper blades should be replaced when they start streaking (according to your personal preference). If they start to tear and have a tattered look they should be replaced immediately so they do not scratch the glass.

Q: How much should a water pump cost?

It varies so much that we could not give a generic quote. Please stop by and we will be happy to assess the problem and give you a more detailed diagnosis.

Q: I have an odd smell coming from my car, what should I do?

Your nose knows when is something is amiss; so trust your instincts. Like many things in the automotive world (and life) there are many variables that affect what may be causing the smell. The intensity of the smell, drips under the car, or drive-ability problems would determine how urgent fixing a smell can be. Overwhelming smells and burning rubber are “caution signs” that maybe you shouldn’t drive the car until you better understand the possibilities and consequences. The sweet smell of syrup is an indication of a COOLANT LEAK. You can identify a coolant leak by looking for drips on the pavement and checking coolant level (never open the radiator cap when the car is hot, you could get badly scalded) The smell of hot oil usually means you have an engine OIL LEAK or TRANSMISSION FLUID LEAK. Once again, look for drips on the pavement and check fluid levels (especially the engine oil). Smoke is the big warning sign! It almost always means things are going badly, FAN BELTS burning up and BRAKES malfunctioning are the usual culprits. These are definite breakdowns and make the car unreliable to a point they should not be driven. Another source of smoke is WIRING burning up (electrical shorts), which can disable cars. I would recommend calling to get some input on whether to drive the car or get it towed. It’s always best to have a mechanic check anything under the hood or the car to avoid a misdiagnosis or hurting yourself. If you have any of the previously mentioned automotive concerns, stop by our shop and we will be happy to look at your car to find the best solution possible.

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